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Beauty Focus Collagen+ Pack 2 (Collagen Supplement)


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What is collagen?

Collagen is found in your body. It is an important structural protein present in the skin, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. However, adults produce 1.5% less collagen each year. And to this we must add oxidative stressors, such as sunlight, which can also limit its production. This means that adding extra collagen to your diet can be vital for your skin and body to function optimally.

Multiple anti-aging benefits

Daily intake of Collagen+ can help maintain the elasticity and normal structure of the skin, has a positive effect on its luminosity and reduces the volume of wrinkles around the eyes . 

How to use it?

Mix one sachet with 100 ml of water. Consume within the first few minutes after preparing the mixture. Take once a day.

It's not just collagen, it's Collagen+

Hydrolyzed collagen

Our supplier subjects the collagen offered to Nu Skin to specific controls during hydrolysis to obtain the appropriate collagen peptide profile or peptide “fingerprint”, optimized for beauty purposes, as illustrated by the positive effect and improvements in the visual appearance of the skin.


Wheat Oil Extract
Extracted from the nutrient reserves of wheat, this ancient grain has been essential to human history. Wheat oil extract is a plant source of ceramides, a class of lipids known to positively influence the appearance of the skin.

Lutein is derived from calendula flowers, with orange petals, a color that is reflected in the shade of Beauty Focus Collagen+.

Proven benefits

With daily use of Collagen+