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ageLOC LumiSpa iO Normal Rose Silicone Head (compatible with LumiSpa iO only)


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Take care of your skin effectively with LumiSpa iO silicone heads. These heads are essential for a deep and gentle clean. Its sophisticated design, exclusive to LumiSpa iO, maximizes the benefits of the product, preparing your skin to take full advantage of the products you will use later.

Choose between the different silicone heads: normal, firm or soft, depending on your skin type or cleaning preference. The regular silicone head is universal and perfect for most skin types. We recommend that you replace the silicone head every 3 months to enjoy all the benefits of the LumiSpa system.

Take care of your skin and keep it radiant with the LumiSpa iO silicone heads, the perfect solution for effective and gentle cleansing.

Why should I use it?

Customize your cleaning experience with our soft, normal and firm head options. With our silicone heads, you will enjoy effective cleaning and they are also easier to clean and more hygienic than traditional bristle brushes.

With the help of your device's sensors, you'll be able to track the usage of each silicone head and receive notifications in the Nu Skin VERA app when they need to be replaced. This way, you will always be sure to use heads in optimal conditions and obtain the best results for your skin.

Opt for comfort, hygiene and customization with our silicone heads. Improve your cleansing routine and take care of your skin with Nu Skin!

How to use it?

The silicone head has been designed for easy on and off. To ensure the longest life of your device, we recommend that you rinse the device, the head and the back of the head after each use and allow it to dry completely. Remember to apply the Activating Cleanser directly to your face instead of the silicone head.