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La Roche Posay Anti-Wrinkle Cream 40 ml


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La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5: Deep Hydration and Plumping for Radiant Skin

Discover Hyalu B5 from La Roche-Posay, the unique formula that combines two pure hyaluronic acids and vitamin B5 for younger and revitalized skin.

Key Benefits:

- Reduces Wrinkles: Softens and visibly reduces wrinkles.

- Plums and Provides Elasticity: Repairs the skin barrier, helping to recover volume and elasticity.

- Deeply Moisturizes: With fragmented and high-quality hyaluronic acid molecular weight, restores skin elasticity instantly.

- Skin Repair: Vitamin B5 stimulates skin regeneration and resistance.

- La Roche-Posay Thermal Water: Soothes, softens and intensely hydrates.

Proven Results:

- 84% Skin Fresher: Clinical study in 51 women, self-assessment after 4 weeks.

- 75% More Radiant Skin: Clinical study in 51 women, self-assessment after 4 weeks.

- 76% - 78% Finer Skin Texture: Clinical study on 51 women, self-assessment after 4 weeks.

Hyalu B5 from La Roche-Posay offers a unique experience for hydrated, repaired and radiant skin. Discover the secret to younger, healthier skin!