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Biotherm Serum Aquasource Aura Concentrate 50 ml


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Biotherm Aquasource Aura Concentrate Serum: Intense Radiance in One Step

Introducing our new hydrating serum, the Biotherm Aquasource Aura Concentrate Serum, with an innovative double bi-phase texture. Experience visibly brighter skin and 24 hours of intense regenerating hydration with just one application.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Double Texture: Instantly fuses with the skin for rapid absorption and intense restoration of luminosity.

  • Renewed Luminosity: Returns luminosity to even the dullest skin, achieving visibly more luminous and perfected skin.

  • Intense Hydration and Regeneration: The secret to recovering the skin's natural luminosity, providing intense hydration and skin regeneration.

Progressive Results:

  • Day after Day: A regenerated, softer and more luminous skin.

  • In 10 Days: Achieve visibly brighter skin.

How to Use It:

Shake gently to mix the two phases and apply 3 drops of Aquasource Aura Concentrate with your fingertips.

Expert Tips:

  1. Step Before Daily Moisturizer: Use before your daily moisturizer for maximum hydration and radiance revitalization.

  2. Mix with your Daily Moisturizer: Its light texture allows rapid absorption for instant luminosity.

  3. Mix with Foundation: Combine with your foundation for additional shine.

  4. Light Points: Illuminate features by applying a couple of drops to cheekbones, T-zone, tip of nose, retouching as necessary throughout the day.

Discover the secret to radiant luminosity with Biotherm Aquasource Aura Concentrate Serum. Transform your skin with just one application!