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Estee Lauder Night Cream 50 ml

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Estee Lauder Nightwear Plus Antioxidant Night Detox Cream: Detoxifies and Protects While You Sleep

Experience the freshness and lightness of Estee Lauder's Nightwear Plus Antioxidant Night Detox night cream. This refreshingly rich formula detoxifies your skin from the accumulated daily effects, building a reserve of antioxidants for the next day. Intensely moisturizes, preventing premature aging with our most powerful antioxidant.

Key Features:

- Night Detox and Day Protection: Nightwear and Daywear they work together for a detox effect at night and protection during the day.

- Super Anti-Oxidant Complex: Our powerful formula uses Daywear's Super Anti-Oxidant Complex, providing deep hydration and durable. Soothes the skin, minimizing nighttime irritation.

How to Use It

Apply morning and night after the repair serum for maximum benefits.

Key Benefits:

- Detoxifies, Soothes and Intensely Nourishes: Works while you sleep to revitalize your skin.

Skin Type:
For all skin types.

Ideal for:
- Protection with antioxidants.
- Prevention of visible aging.
- Dryness and dehydration problems.
- Detoxifies the skin and reduces the appearance of pores.

Discover the power of Nightwear Plus Antioxidant Night Detox Cream for fresh, radiant and protected skin every day. Revitalize your skin while you sleep!