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Nu Skin® Facial Spa US


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Experience the remarkable synergy of Nu Skin Facial Spa and Nu Skin Conductive Gel, which work in harmony to improve facial contour and give your skin a more voluminous appearance. This powerful device diligently stimulates and tones your skin, giving it a noticeably improved appearance. All of this can be achieved in just 10 minutes a day, three times a week, making it an efficient and effective medical skin care solution.

The Nu Skin Facial Spa features a series of impressive features, including two interchangeable drivers, a large LED display, a user-friendly design and an ergonomic feel. Powered by microcurrent technology, it gently stimulates and tones your skin, resulting in visible results that will have your friends wondering how you manage to have frequent visits to the spa. Treat yourself to this indulgent 10-minute regimen three times a week and watch your skin transform.

The Kit Includes:

1 ageLOC Facial Spa Device
1 ageLOC Facial Driver
1 Spot Treatment Driver
1 Body Driver
1 Scalp Driver
1 Owner's Manual
1 t1276>1 Quick Start Guide
2 AAA batteries
Treatment products designed for use with the ageLOC Facial Spa are sold separately.


Stimulates the skin to improve its appearance.
Provides facial toning, resulting in better facial contour and a plumper appearance for the skin.
Uses microcurrent technology for effective results.
Comes with two interchangeable drivers, specially designed to adapt to facial contours and ensure continuous contact with your skin when used with Nu Skin Conductive Gel.
Large driver: suitable for treatments on the entire face or forehead.
Large driver: suitable for treatments on the entire face or forehead.
Small driver: ideal for targeted area treatments, delivering current to specific areas.
Features a modern, sleek user interface for ease of use.


The Nu Skin Facial Spa offers two main regimens and three area-specific regimens, all designed to be completed in 10 minutes each. The basic full-face regimen includes two sessions: a five-minute Session A and a five-minute Session B. Additionally, there are three area-specific regimens of five minutes each, consisting of a two-minute Session A and a three-minute Session B.

For optimal results and to ensure safety, it is essential to follow the following guidelines: recommended guidelines. You can follow a regimen with the Nu Skin Facial Spa up to three times a week. Each regimen, whether for the entire face or specific areas, consists of two sessions, i.e. Session A and Session B. To ensure proper use, it is crucial to use the Facial Spa only as directed, along with the Conductive Gel. specified.

For complete use instructions and precautions, see the Nu Skin Facial Spa Owner's Manual. Be sure to review all instructions before using the Facial Spa and Conductive Gel.


Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Pentylene glycol, Carbomer, Sodium hydroxide, Chlorphenesin.