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Anti-Ageing Serum Blue Therapy Accelerated Biotherm (50 ml)


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Discover the secret of youth with Biotherm's Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum! This innovative serum, enriched with the powerful extract of alaria esculenta, known as "youth seaweed", is your essential ally to heal the visible signs of aging.

Featured Features:

  • Nourishing and Transparent Formula: A nourishing serum that fuses unique transparency with reflective pearlescent tones, providing instant luminosity while combating the signs of aging.

  • Concentration of Algae and Plankton Extracts: A shiny and transparent gel with a high concentration of algae and plankton extracts, infused with pearly reflections for radiant skin.

  • Oil-in-Water Dispersion System: A unique gel texture formed by the association of a 3-dimensional forming polymer and a polymer of botanical origin, improving anti-aging repair efficiency.

Proven Results in 4 Weeks:

  • 80% of women notice firmer skin.
  • 92% of women feel their skin texture is more refined.
  • 89% of women say their skin looks more radiant.
  • 97% of women say their skin feels softer.

(Clinical study, self-assessment carried out on 61 women)

How to Apply Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum:

  1. Apply every morning and evening before your anti-aging moisturizer, avoiding the eye area.

  2. With 3 drops of the serum in the palms of your hands, warm it by pressing both palms together.

  3. Press onto the face in wavy movements and, in key areas, perform gentle twists and contortions to smooth wrinkles.

  4. Pinch dark spots between your thumb and forefinger to get a bright glow on your skin.

  5. Complete your routine by applying the anti-aging moisturizing cream, like our recommendation: Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream.

Discover the transformation of your skin with Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum. Rejuvenate, illuminate and face the day with visibly firmer and more radiant skin!