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Anti-Ageing Serum Blue Therapy Yeux Biotherm


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Transform your look with Blue Therapy Eye-Opening Serum from Biotherm and say goodbye to the loss of eye opening that reveals age! Discover the revolutionary anti-aging formula that not only revitalizes the contour of your eyes but also lifts and strengthens your eyelashes.

Outstanding Features:

  • Seaweed Extract of Youth: The key to youth is found in this exclusive extract of Alaria Esculenta, which together with L. Ochroleuca, firming seaweed (carrageenan) and caffeine, form the powerful Blue Therapy Eye-Opening Serum formula.

  • Double Effect with Innovative Applicator: The steel bead applicator lifts the eyelid, reduces dark circles, deflates bags and smoothes wrinkles around the eyes. Meanwhile, the brush lifts, strengthens and lengthens eyelashes.

  • Proven Results in 4 Weeks:

    • 80% additional eye opening.
    • 92% firmness on the skin around the eyes.
    • Visible reduction of wrinkles and dark circles.
  • Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically Tested: Guaranteed to be gentle and safe for the delicate eye area. Suitable even for contact lens wearers.

Ritual of Use:

  1. Remove and Purify: Start with Biocils to gently cleanse and purify the area around your eyes.

  2. Apply Blue Therapy Eye-Opening Serum: Use the steel bead applicator and the brush to obtain the double effect, enhancing your eyelids and strengthening your eyelashes.

  3. Complete with Blue Therapy Eyes: Enhance your routine with Blue Therapy Eyes eye contour for optimal results.

Don't let your look reveal your age! Discover the visible transformation with Blue Therapy Eye-Opening Serum and show off a rejuvenated and captivating look. Add it to your basket right now and experience the magic of rejuvenated eye opening.