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Dermalogica Age Smart Anti-Fatigue Treatment 50 ml

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Discover the luxurious skincare experience with Dermalogica Super Rich Repair! This rich, creamy, super-concentrated cream not only stimulates collagen production but also offers intense nourishment, repair and firming, giving your skin the indulgent treatment it deserves.

Featured Benefits:

  • Nourishing and Repairing: Super Rich Repair is a cream that goes beyond basic hydration. Its key ingredients, such as arginine polypeptides, soy peptides and genestein, work in synergy to nourish and repair the skin, leaving it visibly healthier.

  • Firming and Soothing: Soy genestein and peptides not only firm the skin, but also help reduce visible signs of aging. Ingredients such as oatmeal, evening primrose, borage seed, shea, jojoba, vitamin E and gotu kola soothe and soften, providing effective relief from dryness.

How to Use Dermalogica Super Rich Repair: This versatile cream can be applied to the face, neck and eye area. Use it as part of your daily routine or apply to dry areas affected by adverse weather conditions. Thanks to its advanced formulation, the cream is absorbed quickly, leaving the skin nourished and comfortable.

Advanced Treatment for Dry and Dehydrated Skin: Dermalogica AGE Smart Super Rich Repair is the answer to the needs of chronically dry and dehydrated skin. Its advanced technology combats premature aging and the damaging effects of the environment, restoring hydration and improving skin elasticity and tone.

Additional Benefits:

  • Defense Against Environmental Elements: Softens and insulates the skin against extreme environmental conditions, providing a protective shield.

  • Lipid Barrier Replenishment: Replenishes the skin's lipid barrier, improving its moisture retention capacity and defending it from external aggressions.

  • Soothing with Allantoin: Fortified with allantoin, the cream helps calm the skin, providing a feeling of comfort.

How to Use: Apply to the face and neck with light, upward movements. Let the cream be completely absorbed before applying other products. Use it once or twice a day to experience your skin's transformation.

Discover the Magic of Dermalogica Super Rich Repair: Don't compromise the health of your skin. Discover the luxury of a cream that goes beyond expectations. Order now and experience nourished, repaired and radiant skin!

Trust Dermalogica, where excellence in skin care is a guarantee.