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La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream 20ml

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Discover ethereal luminosity inspired by the majestic Swiss Alps with La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream. This prodigious treatment, enriched with the exclusive The Pure Gold Diffusion System, captures the dazzling golden light of the sunset and reflects it on your skin.

The science behind this cosmetic jewel is based on gold, a noble and warm metal, which resists the passage of time and gives off its shine in resplendent waves. Perfect for devitalized, fragile and dry skin, gold becomes the key ingredient of La Prairie's new Pure Gold Science Platform. This platform guarantees continuity in the supply of two essential restorative active ingredients, counteracting the loss of skin receptivity.

The Pure Gold Diffusion System offers a triple action: first, it deposits gold on the surface of the skin to provide instant luminosity; Then, it provides an intense load of restorative active ingredients; Finally, it gradually releases a revitalizing active ingredient. This innovative system revitalizes the skin, redefining the eye contour and providing deep hydration.

Applying Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream is the final touch to your glow. Morning and night, after cleansing and toning, apply small dabs from the under-eye area to the temples, gliding over the brows to the bridge of the nose, and finishing with light dabs under the brow line. . Massage gently so that the skin completely absorbs the cream. Continue your beauty ritual with Pure Gold Radiance Cream, the last step to dazzle with the unique luminosity of La Prairie. Discover the essence of youth in each application.