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La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream 100ml

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Embark on a revolution in skin care with La Prairie and its extraordinary Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, the essence of luxury reimagined to give you renewed youth.

Applied daily, this luxurious cream goes beyond the expectations by effectively stimulating skin metabolism and restoring the youthful structure of your skin. It unfolds its magic with visible results: tightens, firms and improves facial elasticity. Fine lines fade, and over time, your skin experiences active revitalization, giving it new life.

The cobalt blue presentation, inspired by artist Niki de Saint Phalle, has been reinvented with a packaging lighter and more eco-friendly, highlighting La Prairie's commitment to sustainability. The sensory experience is sublime: the ivory-colored cream glides smoothly over the skin, leaving it with a velvety touch that envelops you in unparalleled luxury.

Behind this skin miracle, the scientists at La Prairie have masterfully fused Caviar Micro-Nutrients and Caviar Premier into one innovative formula. Caviar Premier activates regenerative functions, while Caviar Micro-Nutrients provide the energy necessary to optimize these actions. This extraordinary synergy is further enhanced by La Prairie's patented Exclusive Cellular Complex™, ensuring skin that is not only taut and firm, but also soft and nourished.

Application is an indulgent ritual: in the morning and At night after cleansing and previous treatments, use the spatula to deposit a small amount and spread it gently over the face and neck, avoiding the eye contour area. The skin completely absorbs this exceptional formula, giving you a new dimension of youth and luxury. Discover the transformation with Skin Caviar Luxe Cream from La Prairie, where excellence in skin care reaches its maximum expression.