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La Prairie White Caviar Pearl Infusion 30 ml

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Discover the Elegance of Illuminated Skin with La Prairie White Caviar Pearl Infusion: Your Path to an Even Tone and Glowing Firmness.

Transform your skincare routine with White Caviar Pearl Infusion, La Prairie's revolutionary highlighter designed to give you unique luminosity and visibly rejuvenated skin. Experience the multiple benefits this exceptional serum has to offer:

Featured Benefits:

  1. Visibly Reduced Imperfections: This powerful serum targets redness, yellowness, grayness and dark spots, providing more uniform and radiant skin.

  2. Density and Firmness Reinforcement: White Caviar Pearl Infusion reinforces skin density, improving luminosity and promoting glowing firmness. Your skin will look firmer and revitalized with each application.

Product Description:

La Prairie reveals the magic of illuminated skin with White Caviar Pearl Infusion. Powered by the innovative Lumidose brightening molecule, and enriched with Swiss golden caviar ingredients, this reformulated serum redefines your skin's ability to reflect light and improves its firmness. Focused on reducing pigmentation alterations and increasing collagen density, White Caviar Pearl Infusion enriches your skin with extraordinary light.

Main Ingredients:

  • Encapsulated Lumidose™: The most effective inhibitor of the enzyme responsible for the formation of the brown pigment melanin, selectively reducing dark spots.

  • Swiss golden caviar minerals: Promote antioxidant enzymes to combat oxidative stress.

  • Swiss Golden Caviar Extract: Helps densify the skin's collagen network for long-lasting firmness.

  • Exclusive Cellular Complex™: The anti-aging ingredient that revitalizes cells and promotes the skin's natural regeneration process.

Dazzling Science:

La Prairie incorporates Lumidose through double encapsulation technology, releasing this brightening molecule where it is needed most. Dark spots diminish efficiently and selectively, revealing more even and radiant skin.

Perfect Application:

Apply morning and night after cleansing the skin and White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire. Use the dispenser to deposit the serum in the palm of your hand and follow a gentle upward movement, avoiding the eye contour area. Feel the complete absorption before continuing with White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire for a complete care experience.

Discover the power of illumination with White Caviar Pearl Infusion from La Prairie. Your skin deserves the elegance and luminosity that only La Prairie can offer. Reveal your unique beauty today!