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Nutricentials® Pumps Bakuchiol 30ml

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Optimized with Adaptive Botanical Complex, Nutricentials Pumps Bakuchiol offers advanced protection and strengthens your skin's ability to cope with environmental challenges.

In addition, bakuchiol, a naturally derived antioxidant that acts as a plant-based alternative to retinol, is presented in a concentrated formula to help balance and gently improve skin tone, while simultaneously diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, apple extract provides intense hydration for a revitalizing effect.


  • Boost your skin's ability to optimally adapt to its individual and changing environment.
  • Contributes to subtly smoothing skin tone and reducing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.
  • Offers intensive and revitalizing hydration.


We recommend following the following order of use to obtain the best results:

  1. Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser and rinse with warm water.
  2. Apply a toner appropriate to your skin type to balance and prepare the skin.
  3. Gently place 2 to 3 drops of the product on your face, avoiding the eye area.
  4. Gently massage the product into the skin until completely absorbed.
  5. Continue with the application of your favorite serum to treat specific skin problems.
  6. Finish your facial care routine by applying your usual moisturizer to seal in hydration and protect the skin.
  7. Repeat this process both morning and night for maximum benefits.

Remember that each person may have different needs, so it is always advisable to adapt this routine according to individual skin care needs and preferences.


Choose one or all three Pumps depending on your skin's needs. We recommend that you first use the specific Pump for your primary skin care concern, and then use another Pump or the Celltrex Always Right Recovery Fluid.

Main Ingredients

Adaptive botanical complex: a unique blend of 5 ingredients, such as rhodiola, Raphonticum carthamoides, chaga mushroom, reviving plant and Siberian ginseng, that adapt to the needs of your skin.

Bakuchiol: a gentle and effective anti-aging component of natural origin, known for its antioxidant properties.


Aqua, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Pyrus Malus Fruit Extract, Panthenol, Bakuchiol, Caprylyl Glycol, Inonotus Obliquus Extract, Rhaponticum Carthamoides Root Extract, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Selaginella Lepidophylla Extract, Jania Rubens Extract