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ageLOC® TR90 Batido de Proteínas Vegano V-Shake – Vanilla

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Discover TR90 V-Shake, the vegan protein shakes that take care of the planet. With a delicious vanilla flavor, these shakes rich in vegetable proteins do not contain artificial colors or sweeteners, making them an ideal option for both beginners and gym professionals in their pursuit of sports goals.

Each serving of V-Shake provides 19 grams of protein from peas and brown rice, without lactose, gluten or soy. They are perfect as a protein snack, pre- or post-workout supplement, or as part of a healthy breakfast. Get your Pharmanex mixer and enjoy it anywhere.

TR90 V-Shakes are suitable for people of all ages, from athletes who want to increase their muscle mass to adults over 65 years of age who want to strengthen their vitality to enjoy special moments with their loved ones. Each container has a net weight of 500 grams.

Daily dose

Add 25g of TR90 V-Shake powder to 500ml of cold water, and drink before or after exercise.

First pour the liquid into the mixer, then add the protein powder and shake well for 20-30 seconds. If you don't have a measuring spoon, 25 g is approximately two tablespoons.


Pea protein powder (63%)*, brown rice protein powder (31%)*, natural vanilla flavor, sweetener: steviol glycosides *protein content: 80