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Dermalogica Ultra Calming Barrier Repair 30ml

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Experience the restorative and protective power of Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Repair 30ml! This waterless moisturizer is one of a kind, designed to melt easily into sensitive skin, providing instant calm and reinforcing your skin's natural barrier.

Featured Features:

  • Exclusive Anhydrous Moisturizer: Dermalogica Barrier Repair is an anhydrous moisturizer that melts into sensitive skin, strengthening the natural protective barrier without adding water, making it an essential ally for compromised skin .

  • UltraCalming Complex: Our exclusive formula contains oats and botanical active ingredients to minimize discomfort and control the triggers of neurogenic and immunological inflammation associated with sensitized skin.

  • Strengthens the Lipid Barrier Layer: With evening primrose oil, borage seed oil, vitamins C and E, Barrier Repair reinforces the skin's lipid barrier layer, providing an effective defense against environmental attacks and free radicals.


  • Total Protection: Creates a shield against environmental stress, protecting your skin from endogenous elements and the environment.

  • Smooth and Even Base: Prepare your skin for makeup with a smooth and even base, providing the perfect combination of care and preparation.

  • Minimizes Sensitivities: Specifically formulated for sensitive and reactive skin, UltraCalming Barrier Repair reduces sensitivity and irritation.

Key Ingredients:

  • UltraCalming Complex: Reduces sensitivity and irritation.

  • Vitamins C and E: Antioxidant action to combat free radicals.

  • Borage, Evening Primrose and Oat Seed Oil: They reinforce the skin barrier.

  • Silicones: Moisturize and protect.


Apply a small amount evenly to face and throat with light upward strokes. Use after UltraCalming Mist and UltraCalming Serum Concentrate for optimal results. Use it twice a day, morning and night, to keep your skin protected and radiant.

Discover the difference UltraCalming Barrier Repair can make in your skincare routine. Soothe, protect and beautify your skin today!