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ageLOC® WellSpa iO™ Essential System

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ageLOC® WellSpa iO™ is the personalized wellness and beauty device to restore, revitalize and recover.

Everything so you can look and feel your best. Innovative technology to integrate well-being and beauty Patented design and technology ensure gentle treatment.

ageLOC® WellSpa iO™ Advanced Adaptive Microcurrent Technology will continue to evaluate the conductivity of your skin while in use. Use this personalized information to adjust and optimize the intensity of the current in each session, helping you get the most out of skin activation and stimulation for the best possible results.

The kit contains:

1 Device ageLOC® WellSpa iO™

1 Serum

1 Activating Body Gel

Clinically proven results:

A clinical study conducted by Nu Skin evaluated the effects of the ageLOC WellSpa iO Revitalize regimen on the upper thigh area, upper arm area, and abdomen. The cellulite of each area was assessed visually, while the firmness and elasticity of the thighs were measured with a Cutometer. After 12 weeks the following results were found:

41.7%     Total improvement in cellulite*

23.2%    Improvement in firmness*

23.4%   Improved elasticity*


Improves circulation and promotes the body's natural process of eliminating toxins

Improves the appearance of puffiness and puffiness

Contours for a deflated look


Minimizes the appearance of cellulite

Firms and tightens the skin

Smooths skin for a youthful-looking appearance


Pre-workout massage to make muscles feel toned

Post-workout massage to relax and stimulate sore muscles

Helps the body recover and relax,

A comprehensive experience of beauty, well-being and relaxation Enhanced thanks to ★ageLOC products

The ageLOC WellSpa iO device connects to the APP on your phone to offer an even more personalized, fun and targeted experience. Download the app and achieve your beauty and wellness goals. Smart features for your routine:

iO's personalized score will help you stay motivated and reach your usage goals for both beauty and wellness.

Real-time guided tutorials help you every step of the way.

With easy repeat orders, you'll never run out of your products.

Usage tracking earns you fun incentive badges.