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The Prairie

La Prairie of Switzerland is a luxury cosmetics brand recognized worldwide for its innovative approach and high-quality products that fuse advanced science with Swiss elegance. Founded in 1978 in Montreux, Switzerland, La Prairie has distinguished itself for its commitment to excellence and the constant pursuit of perfection in skin care.

The brand is famous for its pioneering use of ingredients from luxury, such as caviar, combined with cutting-edge technologies to create unique formulas that deliver visible results and an exceptional sensory experience. Attention to detail, meticulous scientific research and timeless elegance are reflected not only in its innovative products, but also in the iconic cobalt blue packaging inspired by the work of artist Niki de Saint Phalle.

La Prairie of Switzerland has become synonymous with luxury, quality and prestige in the world of beauty, captivating discerning clients seeking a cosmetic experience that goes beyond the ordinary. With its commitment to innovation and perfection, La Prairie continues to be a reference in the universe of high-end skin care.
La Prairie