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No shipping costs from €100

Payments, shipping and returns


You can pay with credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron), Paypal.

When paying by card you pay directly to the bank through a secure gateway; it is impossible for anyone to intercept payment data.

Shipping costs

For purchases over 100 euros, there are no shipping costs. For smaller orders, the cost is €4.99.

Delivery times

NuSkin orders have a delivery time of 5 to 7 business days.

If it is difficult to deliver to your home or office, there are delivery points that can be requested.

When the order is in the hands of the carrier, a tracking number will be sent to be able to track the order at all times.

Defective or incorrect items

If exceptionally you receive an incorrect or defective product, write to berdelay@gmail.com, sending us photos of the product.


This website has been created by an independent Brand Affiliate. This website has not been created or approved by Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. or its affiliated companies

NUSKIN products can be cancelled, returned or exchanged up to 3 months after the date of delivery of the products. If you cancel your order within 14 days of receiving it, we will refund you in full, including delivery costs. If you decide to return it within 3 months of purchase, but outside of this 14-day period, we will still give you a full refund, excluding delivery costs.

Return and refund policy for Customers:


Refund of the purchase price

Refund of VAT or other prepaid taxes

Refund of initial shipping costs**

Order cancellation* within 14 days of delivery date




Cancellation of the order within 3 months of



* The order can be canceled completely or partially.
** Does not include the additional cost for express delivery. Initial shipping costs will only be refunded if the entire order is cancelled.

If you wish to exchange the products, please contact us at berdelay@gmail.com within three months of purchase and inform us of your decision to change the order. You will then receive a reference number.

Send us to Calle Moralzarzal, 80 - 4ºD 28034 Madrid the products you wish to return within 14 days after the order cancellation date.

We will exchange the products as soon as we have received them (and within 14 days afterward). If the change is not possible, we will give you:

• credit to purchase other products, or

• a full refund of the purchase price

After these deadlines, no changes or returns of Products will be accepted.