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Exfoliants are skin care products that remove dead cells and dirt from the skin's surface, leaving it soft and radiant. They can come in different forms, such as creams, gels, lotions, and chemical exfoliants. It is important to choose an exfoliant suitable for your skin type and avoid using them too frequently, as over-exfoliation can cause skin irritation and damage. By incorporating an exfoliant into your skin care routine, you can improve your skin's texture and glow.
Nu Skin Exfoliantes - NewSkinShop


Nu Skin Facial Exfoliator 7 Day Scrub Clinique - NewSkinShop
Nu Skin Dermalogica Age Smart Daily Superfoliant 57g - NewSkinShop
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Nu Skin Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Thermafoliant Gel 75 ml - NewSkinShop
Nu Skin Nu Skin 180º AHA Facial Peel and Neutraliser 25 ml - NewSkinShop
Nu Skin Nutricentials Brighter Day Exfoliant Scrub 100 ml - NewSkinShop
Nu Skin Here You Glow Exfoliating Toner 150 ml - NewSkinShop